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It’s time to bring your work, talents, & creative spirit to life through refinery + artistry.

Do you feel like your portfolio doesn’t accurately represent who you are and what you do? Are you looking for a business partner that can help bring out the best in you?

I’m here to get to know you, collaborate, and make your work (and most importantly you) shine bright.

As a creative professional myself, I understand how important it is to have beautiful imagery that reflects your personal brand and style.

Our Interior Photography & Storytelling Services

And here’s a secret…it’s not easy!

Bringing out that same in-person, real-life magic that a well-designed interior space can give just through photos is hard. But I’ve been in business long enough to know what it takes to make that happen. Hint: It starts with you and your unique offerings, persona, and craft.

Your portfolio, your website, your social media...they should feel perfect. And by perfect, I mean perfectly you!

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As your business best friend, I want every photo we take and every photo you publish to tell your distinctive story. 

So don’t keep waiting to make it happen.

For you, interior design is art and you clients’ home, airbnb, or office is your canvas. There is no better feeling than when your client says I trust you.

To help get to that place of total trust, your art has to be totally, unequivocally yours!

You need a photographer who not only appreciates your differentiation but can showcase it in photos of your work. A photographer that sees interesting angles, or framing that can feature your work through an even more artistic lens.

If you’re a creative, you get it: every detail matters, every shot means something, your imagery is your currency. 

Our commitment extends beyond the click of the camera; we foster long-term relationships, striving to create a space where collaboration is not just about capturing moments but about sharing laughter, creating memories, and forming lasting friendships.

At the heart of our brand is the belief that the best photographs are born from genuine connections and shared moments of genuine happiness.

Your pride and joy is our pride and joy. 

With a refreshed look to your portfolio, every image will feel just as fabulous as the spaces you design and create.

Feel Confident In Your Work

With EXPERT photography that accurately portrays your very own creative story you’ll be able to…

With prestige and elegance at the top of our list, your work will elevate through masterful imagery and brand refinement. 

Attract Your Ideal Clients

With us, your story isn't just told; it's celebrated through every image we curate, reflecting the uniqueness of you and your craft. 

Stand Out From Competition

At Ellen Renee, you’ll find a photographer that can tell your story through our lens just as you tell your clients’ stories through the spaces you so carefully create for them.

Feel Supported & Understood

Interior Photography Options

 Option No. 1

Exclusive Interior Design Cost Sharing / Full Rights Photography Session

Ideal for Interior Designers, Architects, or Builders, you can divide the photoshoot cost among multiple parties, fostering collaboration and shared success. Alternatively, you can choose to purchase outright, presenting the images as gifts to individual vendors involved in the project. It's the perfect way to build lasting relationships and showcase the collective effort behind the masterpiece.

With an unlimited image license, you have the power to use and share your images as you please. Whether for marketing, social media, or sharing with partners, the possibilities are endless.

- 35 stunning images included
- Option to purchase additional images

Full-Day Package (up to 8 hours): $3200

- 15 captivating images included
- Option to purchase more to enhance your collection

Half-Day Package (up to 4 hours): $1650

Elevated Interior Design Standard Photography Session

Our Interior Design Standard Photography Session is tailored for visionaries like you – Interior Designers, Architects, and Builders. If you are seeking a photography experience that aligns seamlessly with your artistic ambitions, this is the opportunity you've been waiting for.

Every image captured during our session is meticulously edited. This ensures that you have the freedom to curate your collection with precision. Choose the images that resonate with your vision and purpose, with the option to purchase additional ones if your creative side wants something a little extra.

- 20 exquisite images included
- Option to purchase additional images to expand your portfolio

Full-Day Package (up to 8 hours): $2000

- 10 captivating images included
- Option to purchase more to enhance your visual story

Half-Day Package (up to 4 hours): $1200

 Option No. 2

Elite Vacation Rental Photography

Our Vacation Rental Photography package is designed for discerning owners and interior designers seeking to attract & delight potential clients. Our ideal clients share a passion for elevating the stay experience, creating spaces that linger in the memories of those who visit.

Enjoy our expert shooting, capturing the soul of your vacation rental. Our pre-shoot guide/checklist ensures every corner and detail is showcased to perfection, creating an immersive experience for potential guests.

Half-Day (up to 4 hours): $1700
Full-Day (up to 8 hours): $2200

 Option No. 4

We’ll Connect
We’ll Collaborate
& You’ll Thrive

A Creative Process That Starts & Ends With You In Mind

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How It Works

We might be great at what we do, but we can skip the formalities! I strive to be the kind of person who shows up honored and excited to serve my clients well so that you’ll leave even better than when you arrive.

Whether you are a creative business owner, an interior designer, or vacation rental owner, we’ll partner and collaborate together to help your brand stand out.

Let’s get this thing going, shall we?

Although each session type has its own unique collaboration process the bottom line is the same... we are all about providing you with hands-on, real-time visibility into our process, giving you the power to align every image precisely with your vision.

No. 1

Get Started:

After we come to an agreement, we’ll make sure you have everything you need to feel confident and ready. 

No. 2

Make It Official:

Although each session type has its own unique collaboration process the bottom line is the same... we are all about providing you with hands-on, real-time visibility into our process, giving you the power to align every image precisely with your vision.

No. 3

Collaborate & Create:

Enjoy the new found glory your brand will have with a fresh look and feel. Plus, you’ll enjoy having a new business best friend! 

No. 3

Lasting Impression:


Houston, Texas-based photographer for interior designers, small business owners, vacation rental owners, and other creatives.

At Ellen Renee Photography, we are more than just photographers; we are storytellers who forge lasting connections through artistry and collaboration. Your joy lights us up.

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